Late summer time is canning season. And in case your backyard has been thriving, you’re most likely fascinated with canning a few of your favourite greens to get pleasure from later this 12 months and within the chilly winter months. However to maintain your meals protected, you’ll have to know some details from fiction.

In a current article Gina Taylor, a WVU Extension Service Household and Neighborhood Growth Agent, debunked just a few myths and supplied knowledgeable recommendation on safely preserving your meals.

The primary fable is about open kettle canning. Open kettle canning is a course of the place meals is heated or cooked in an open pot, after which put right into a jar with a lid positioned on. The lid seals from the jar or bottle cooling.

Taylor defined that open kettle canning is a harmful follow. “Meals ready on this method current a severe well being danger – significantly with regard to low-acid meals reminiscent of greens, meat, seafood and poultry. All meals ought to be canned utilizing a boiling water bathtub canner or a stress canner, relying on the extent of acid within the meals, Taylor mentioned. “Low-acid meals that aren’t canned correctly, can current a danger for botulism.”

Botulism is a uncommon however doubtlessly lethal sickness brought on by a poison mostly produced by a germ known as Clostridium botulinum. The germ is present in soil and elsewhere and might survive, develop and produce a toxin in sure situations, reminiscent of when meals is wrongly canned or held at too low of temperatures. The toxin can have an effect on your nerves, paralyze you, and even trigger loss of life.

You can’t see, scent or style botulinum toxin — however taking even a small style of meals containing this toxin will be lethal.

“That’s the reason it is rather necessary to get your canner as much as the correct temperature — 240 levels F — to destroy the micro organism,” Taylor mentioned. “This excessive temperature is barely doable in a stress canner as a result of common boiling water solely reaches 212degrees F.”

The following fable Taylor addressed was that meals in unsealed jars continues to be suitable for eating.

“Canning takes some effort and time, and some of the irritating elements of canning is when just a few jars don’t seal. What must you do when just a few jars don’t seal? Throw the contents away? Not essentially. Unsealed jars will be re-canned if they’re found inside 24 hours.”

“To re-can unsealed jars, merely take away the lid and examine the jar sealing floor for tiny nicks. Change the jar, if essential. With two-piece steel lids, use a brand new ready flat lid. Reprocess the jars utilizing the identical processing time described in your recipe.”

If there’s any doubt if protected canning tips have been adopted, don’t eat the meals. Residence-canned and store-bought meals is perhaps contaminated with toxins or different dangerous germs if:

  • the container is leaking, bulging or swollen
  • the container seems broken, cracked or irregular
  • the container spurts liquid or foam when opened
  • the meals is discolored, moldy or smells dangerous

If the container or the meals inside has any indicators of contamination, throw it out. If any of the meals spills, wipe up the spill utilizing an answer of 1/4 cup bleach for each two cups of water.

By no means style meals to find out whether it is protected. Don’t style or eat meals that’s discolored, moldy or smells dangerous. Don’t style or eat meals from cans which are leaking, have bulges or are swollen or look broken, cracked or irregular. Don’t style or eat meals from a can that spurted liquid or foam when it was opened.

“Lids shouldn’t be used a second time because the sealing compound turns into indented by the primary use, stopping one other hermetic seal. Screw bands could also be reused except they’re badly rusted, or the highest edge is pried up, which might stop a correct seal.”

The final fable Taylor addressed was about inexperienced beans — “Are the inexperienced beans which are put in a boiling water bathtub canner suitable for eating as a result of I boil the jars longer than really useful?”

“Inexperienced beans are a low-acid meals and have to be canned in a stress canner to remove the expansion of the micro organism clostridium botulinum.”

Taylor defined that merely extending the canning time in a boiling water bathtub canner will not be sufficient to destroy lethal micro organism. “Inexperienced beans have to be canned at a temperature of 240 levels F, which may solely be achieved utilizing a stress canner.”

College Extension Packages
For extra data and to learn to safely can your meals, there are a number of College Extension Packages with data and canning programs.

Utah State College’s Protect the Harvest extension gives an internet lecture sequence on preserving your backyard harvest, in addition to an internet canning course.

Different assets on the web page embody data and instruction on:

  • Choice, preparation and pretreating of meals
  • Canning
  • Freezing
  • Drying
  • Meals storage and packaging

Iowa State College is one other establishment providing free tutorial programs on meals preservation.

ISU’s Meals Preservation 101 is a one-hour on-line course.  Throughout which, vitamin and wellness specialists will:

  • Talk about numerous meals preservation strategies – stress canning, scorching water bathtub canning, dehydration and freezing.
  • Present science-based, dependable meals preservation assets.
  • Reply normal meals preservation questions.

Meals Preservation 101 will probably be hosted quite a few dates and occasions between Might and Sept. For extra data and to register, go to their web site.

(To enroll in a free subscription to Meals Security Information, click on right here.)

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