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Findings That Show Why Terrorism Has Been a Threat

For a very long period of time, the world has experienced terrorism. Countries such as Iran and Iraq have gone through terrorist activities. The terror seen and felt in these regions can only be solved after knowing the origin and the source of such activities. Some commissions have been set to investigate the terrorist activities in different regions of the world. Criminal activities are highly organized by political leaders according to the research conducted.

Terrorism activities are done effectively after getting funding. Terrorism activities are funded through government organs who remain in contact with the terrorists. Governments that coordinate with the terrorist groups ensure that the groups are given security and shelter. These groups can, therefore, execute their plans without fear of being arrested or caught. There are several groups of terror who have confessed of having been supported by the government to carry out terror activities. Most of the time, the terror activities are executed to avenge for political and religious differences. The religious differences between Islam and Jews has seen to it that Islamic countries attack the Jewish countries. The religious rivals of Iran have experienced the terrorism activities from Iran due to the differences in ideologies.

Such acts of violence are brought about by the need to feel superior over all the rest. The other reason why Iran can support terror is driven by the need to have political affluence and strength. Countries are inclined at getting the title of the superpower, and this has led to more terror attacks that aim at seeking the title. Super power countries are highly respected due to their skills in war and defense. Terror attacks mean that the countries are experimenting their missiles and weapon strength on the countries that they consider their rivals. The results of terror attacks is loss of lives, destruction of property and hatred that grows within the hearts of the people. Iran has had religious and political rivalry that might stir up the terrorism plans and attacks. Vengeance to Iran has been planned strongly to counter every attack from Iran. Terror attacks have been experienced all over the world since the pioneers keep on doing the same and attacking each other.

The people who are involved in the terror activities are the young people who are convinced beyond doubt that violence is the best method of gaining power or justice. More youths get recruited to such groups due to the excitement of experiencing superiority.

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